A company providing legal translation services is highly classified and confidential. There are variety of documents which means a single firm of this field can provide many services. Not only security of documents but they also need to make sure that both clients understand each other, the meaning of the original context doesn’t change and neither there should be any kind of mistakes or grammatical errors. So, you have a big responsibility if you want to own this kind of firm. Which means you have to personally check each and document yourself before submitting the translated files. Which also means you need very much trustworthy and highly skilled people for this job.

As tough as this job is, it even more tough to open such kind of firm and also, a company before opening or getting registered has to go through and pass through many procedures. No doubt on that you have found the perfect business idea which is emerging like a storm in every part of the world. First thing is first, you need a good amount of money to start a business like this. You will an office space for rent or buy one. You will need office furniture, latest computers with fast internet, a massive printer since its all about documents and a good hue to lights. Plus, you will need set of books which will guide you and the employees about legal terms and different translating books. Or you can get different translating software which are available online. All these can be done under a budget but all this can cost up to $10,000 minimum. 

Consider this that you will have some on going expenses like telephone bills, internet bills, employee’s salaries, office supplies, advertisement and promotions, and maintaining education standards of employees. You will need to apply for license and get it registered with courts and embassies. You must be thinking there is a lot of money which is spending but how will the firm make money, well here is the answer to that, you can charge the clients by depending upon the length of their documents, some businesses make contracts with the firm and you can charge clients on hourly basis. Another question arises that how much can you charge per client, good news is, according to some census a freelance legal translator earns up to $65,000 annually. Some firms charge per word and the most least charge per word is 11 cents.

The cheapest services of legal translation in Dubai are easily available since Dubai is the center of businesses so, people require legal translators sooner or later. Mostly in UAE there are legal translation of financial statement. You can approach companies in UAE via their websites and get the job done in cheap rates.