Dubai.  What is Dubai? A city or a home because a city cannot be so familiar like a home? And Dubai seems to be so familiar to everyone as if it is a joke! The city, actually,  is a mixture of home and city. That’s the reason why it houses so many nationalities! You won’t find it difficult to find thousands of international brands’ outlets and offices there! It looks like the centre of the world because every country’s number of media channels’ offices are located there which include channels, publishing houses and radio stations. 

These radio stations provide different services and facilities like 

  1. Storyboarding
  2. Editing
  3. Arabanization
  4. Music composition
  5. Sonic branding, and 
  6. Voice over.

In the world of today which is based on advertisements and marketing entirely,  there is dire need of people with sweet and engaging voices which can provoke the listeners to buy the product or see the video on YouTube completely to get likes and money. These companies of voice over artists provide professional speakers to the clients (like brands and individual figures) to record advertisements and scripts for them. 

Currently, there are number of voice over companies in Dubai, but the recommended ones are:

  1. E11
  2. Creative Force Dubai
  3. BKP Group, and 
  4. GTR Recording Studio

These studios have professional voice over artists who can record dialogues of characters of dramas by changing their voices or read the advertisements in demanding by=ut engaging voice to persuade the customers to go to store and buy the products. Besides this, the studios have perfect recording systems and latest tools like 

  1. Neumann U87 (microphone)
  2. Source Connect
  3. IPDTL
  4. ISDN
  5. SFX server
  6. Manley Tube, and many others 

These tools cannot only enhance the voice by changing its echo and pitch but they can also convert the file into required format like 

  1. MP3
  2. WAV, or
  3. AIFFs

The audio can be uploaded on CDs or on server what the client wants. 

Although, Dubai has recording studios of different countries, it does not mean that Dubai does not has its communication department or channels. They have their own channels as well. There are their own radio stations too in which they have

  1. Awakening RJs
  2. Sound engineers
  3. Arabic voice over artists 
  4. English speakers
  5. Marketers, and other professionals who are required in the station.

Thus, it is the complete guide about recording studio Dubai! Hope you have found it helpful!