Wedding planners in Dubai often provides different suggestions about floral arrangements Dubai but you can also choose your own favorite flowers and their colors to arrange your events. There are numerous decorative flowers are available in the world. You can choose the flowers according to your region’s flora and the season of your wedding. Here in this article you will get the idea about what to choose. See the following:

Sweet pea: If you are planning to have a bouquet in your hand while you enter to the hall and walk on the aisle then sweet pea is best for you. You can make a beautiful bouquet out of this but to make it more stunning you can also some other flowers with it.

Tulip: This flower in available in spring season and in many countries it is easily reachable. Their flowers are in elongated shape and they are present in different colors. Mainly they were only in few colors but due to the technological advancement in this field now they are present in many different colors.

Orchid: If you plan to have your wedding party at the beach then orchid is a very well recognized flower for you. People normally use it in the bouquet of the bride but they can also be used in other arrangements too. They are white with a tinge of pink or sometimes red which makes it mysterious and captivating. These qualities make them super awesome to have in the bridal bouquet.

Succulent: These are available in different sizes and throughout the year but due to their heat resisting ability they are more likely to be used in the summer weddings or in spring outdoor wedding event. Because of their shape they look more like a miniature plant so they are mostly used in the table décor. You should not use them in bridal bouquet or in other stage decorations. These should be used as the center piece of main table at the stage and on the tables of guests too. These should be decorated with other flowers to make them look more beautiful.

All these flowers are beautiful in their own unique way. We cannot say that one is more gorgeous than the other. You can choose any of them or a combination of them.