We have all been there when getting a picture perfect pearly Hollywood smile was on top of our list for which we would search every Hollywood smile clinic Dubai until we found our best pick to achieve something which has always been our dream. But before we exceed with our epic plan, there’s something that we must know. Here’s a list of all those things.

  • Not every whitener is the same

It is very important to know and understand that every whitening strip has its own whitening agent. This means that every strip will differ from one another in the level of whitening they provide. If you use a drug store bought strip then it won’t have the same effect as the one which has a dentist made custom tray. They will work fine but the results will be different so make sure you are well aware of what you are buying.

  • Not every whitener strip works the same

This point is not about the agents and the result that whitener strips produce in fact it is about the way they sit on our teeth. Mostly homemade or store bought strips are the same size which is ideal for straight set of teeth. But if someone with crooked teeth or gap uses them they won’t be able to achieve the right result because the foundation of the strip itself won’t be laid properly.

  • Teeth whitener can make teeth sensitive

Yes you have to take care of this as the teeth whitener gel found in strips can make your teeth sensitive allowing it to get damaged easily. When you use these strips for too long, the gel interacts with the layering of tooth, opening up the pores to its magic. Consult the best implant dentist in Dubai for the achievement of best results.

  • It’s temporary

As useless as this point sounds it is still a huge reminder for every Hollywood smile crazy out there that it is not going to last permanently. You will have to keep renewing it for every occasion and take good care to make it last longer but it won’t stick to your teeth forever. You can avoid certain staining foods and make sure that you take good care of it.