Dubai being the most “populous” city of UAE possesses jaw-dropping contemporary architecture, extravagant shopping centres, and eye-catching man-made islands. A home town of charm and culture, a blend of “East” meets “West”, outstanding in different facilities, eatery, and cafes.

People love exploring such places where they get to know more about culture so Dubai never disappoints its tourists. This is due to the presence of culinary delights, a variety of cultural scenes and an abundance of street markets.

If one wants to give their little champs a memorable lifetime trip then Dubai should surely be their first priority. From a variety of water and theme parks, a number of playgrounds and parks are being enjoyed by kids and their parents too. In short, Dubai never fails to impress its tourists.

There are a variety of things that one can do in Dubai with their kids. Here comes in the fascinating side of this modern city.

Safari Parks

The safari parks of Dubai have been home to a wide range of animals and 250 species from all around the globe. These parks are also home to the world’s very first exhibit that can be driven through. This also includes the largest aviary exhibit of the United Arab Emirates along with the single exhibit of hippos and tigers that can be driven through.

One can experience the Arabian and Safari village by traveling through bus and one can even wander around these enclosures. These villages are also home to different animals like chimpanzees, flamingos, and lions too.

Aqua-Venture Waterparks

These water parks in Atlantis are for those families who are thrill-seekers and they enjoy “adrenaline rush”. It has a variety of record-breaking rides, involving a gateway through a specific tube and then one enters in a shark lagoon. A number of rides are less adventurous which can be enjoyed by your little champs.


It is one of the best ways to give your kids an experience of adulthood. Here a child can dress up like a fireman, a chef, a doctor, and even a pilot. It is fully covered with buildings and “paved streets”.  It has been developed as an adulthood world which has been fabulously downsized for your little ones. 

Horse Riding

One is able to experience the spectacular view of Dubai from horseback. The “Arabian Culture Tour” has been explaining the history of “Bedouins” to its tourists who inhibited this particular area of desert.

Dolphin Bay

It is one of those places which have been attracting a wide range of tourists from many years. Parents come with their children to swim at the “Dolphin Bay in Atlantis”. Along with swimming children do enjoy these mammals among them. People love spending time at this place with their kids as there are different water shows done by dolphins too.

Even the “Dubai Garden Glow” is one of the largest and a unique “theme park”. It has been attracting a variety of tourists from all around the globe too. So, these are a few tourist attraction sights that should surely be visited with your little champs in Dubai.