Recruitment is a process of hiring a suitable candidate for the job available. It can also refer to the processes involved in choosing individuals for unpaid roles. The process of recruitment involves following steps:

•    Attracting:

The first step depends on how you attract people for the vacancy available. Some people publish it on newspapers and websites. They have their website of the company where they share details of the available vacancies.

•    Selecting and Shortlist:

After people are attracted to the job you will receive their Curriculum Vitae (CV), through which you have to shortlist and sort out the people who look more efficient for the post available.

•    Interview:

After the step of the short-listing, you will call the people for an interview you have selected. This may take a while because you have to individually meet and talk with every individual separately.

•    Appointing:

After the interviews have completed, you will conclude and select the one person who is more suitable for the job available and who fulfill all the requirements of that job. When you are done selecting and decided who to appoint, you will either call them to tell the news or send them the appointment letter. And this is how the process recruitment will be completed.

Human Resources Management and Companies:

The human resources department and companies comprise the people who arrange and organize the business sector, economy, and the company itself. The role of an HR may include maintaining relations between employee, the payroll, and working for benefits of the company. The purpose of HR companies is to guide businesses on the issues of economic development. It does not matter whether the organization is new or old, they expertise in all kind of issues resolving matters. Whether it is an issue of the employee or the organization is facing crises they help in every situation.

The main roles of an HR management and human resources department are following:

•    Strategic management

•    Workforce planning and employment

•    Policy formulation

•    Employee and labor relations

•    Risk management

•    Compensation and benefits of the organization.

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