Anatomy of flowers to arrange your event

Wedding planners in Dubai often provides different suggestions about floral arrangements Dubai but you can also choose your own favorite flowers and their colors to arrange your events. There are numerous decorative flowers are available in the world. You can choose the flowers according to your region’s flora and the […]

Advantages of a dehumidifier

Dehumidifier if put in the simplest words, eradicates the excess moisture from the air, providing freshness to the environment. When you are living in a humid area it is not always a fun thing for which you may need something which levels the area and provides a fresh air to […]

Recruitment and HR departments

Recruitment is a process of hiring a suitable candidate for the job available. It can also refer to the processes involved in choosing individuals for unpaid roles. The process of recruitment involves following steps: •    Attracting: The first step depends on how you attract people for the vacancy available. Some […]

5 Off-Beat Things to Do In Dubai with Kids

Dubai being the most “populous” city of UAE possesses jaw-dropping contemporary architecture, extravagant shopping centres, and eye-catching man-made islands. A home town of charm and culture, a blend of “East” meets “West”, outstanding in different facilities, eatery, and cafes. People love exploring such places where they get to know more […]